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A committed and consistent prayer life is essential for every believer who wants to grow in their relationship with Christ. Yet so many Christians struggle in this area. Once a prayer is answered, many people stop giving thanks to the Lord for their answered prayer. We should be thanking God before, durning, and after we receive our answered prayer.

Philippians 4:6 says “Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

So, when we pray and make our request known to the Lord, then we must thank God for the answer. That’s praying with thanksgiving. But we don’t stop giving thanks to God just because we received our prayer, we continue to praise and thank God for all He has done, doing, and continues to do. And the important thing is that we don't allow doubt to come in and hinder that prayer. Just as easily it is to think and say words of faith, it’s that easy to think and say words of doubt and unbelief. It is thinking faith thoughts and speaking faith words that leads the heart out of defeat and into victory.

Doubt can and will hinder our prayers from being answered. Faith will move mountains for your prayers to be answered. The Bible says that God has dealt to every man a measure of faith.

We all have faith. It took faith for us to get saved and it’s going to take faith for us to get the victory in our lives too. A mustard seed of faith is all we need, the bible says. (Matthew 17:20) By faith appropriate what belongs to you and it has to come, no doubt! Whatever you speak by faith in Christ Jesus, that thing is yours! Believe it. Speak it. Receive it. And your faith will make your prayer reality. The prayer of faith is important because it is the key to having your prayers answered. Our faith and trust in God and His Word should be our prayers foundation.

So today, where is prayer on your list of priorities? Do you believe you should change your approach or attitude toward prayer? What change(s) will you make in your prayer today? Today, take 10 minutes and talk to God and ask Him what adjustments He would like you to make in your prayer life, so you can please Him. And when He does, do it and get ready to see your life change in a whole new way!

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