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By Faith!

Today's Read: Romans 3:21-23 and Hebrews 11

None of us in our own selves have ever kept the Law or commandments perfectly, outwardly or inwardly. But we need a righteousness that equals God’s in order to be acceptable before Him, and that is where our faith in Christ kicks in… it’s our FAITH in Christ that makes us righteous before Christ… just like

Abraham… it says Abraham by faith… (Romans 4:3)

It was because Abraham believed and had faith in His God that it was accounted to Him as righteousness. Ladies can we read in the bible where so many men and women because of their belief and faith in God that it was accounted to them as righteousness.

In the entire Bible there is no clearer instruction on faith than Hebrews 11. Most of us know it as the “Hall of Fame of Faith.” Here we have a long list of Old Testament heroes, most of them introduced with the phrase “by faith.”

By faith Abel (v. 4).

By faith Enoch (v. 5).

By faith Noah (v. 7).

By faith Abraham (v. 8).

By faith Sarah (v. 11).

By faith Isaac (v. 20).

By faith Jacob (v. 21).

By faith Joseph (v. 22).

By faith Moses’ parents (v. 23).

By faith Moses (v. 24).

By faith the people crossed the Red Sea (v. 29).

By faith the walls of Jericho fell (v. 30).

By faith Rahab the prostitute (v. 31)

I wonder if other names could be added to that list. “By faith Rose.” “By faith Elizabeth.” “By faith Mary.” “By faith Laura.” “By faith Linda.” “By faith Katie.” “By faith _____ (Insert your name).”

When we realize that God has given us the gift of faith so that we may use it to recognize His works and not be in constant worry when we are surrounded our everyday burdens and uncertainties. May God give us steady courage to follow the Lord so that someday our names might be added to the long list of men and women who lived and died by faith. Amen.

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