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She Rises Podcast

Welcome to She Rises Podcast. A Podcast for women who are desperately seeking more  of Jesus.  I believe that no matter what’s going on in your world today, God is able to turn it all around for you right now. We are a ministry helping women get up, get better and get FREE! And I want to help women like you draw closer to God through scripture, prayer, and just some encouraging girltalk. My name is Crystal, come join me where I will chat with you about life, Jesus and everything in between! Let’s go!!!

(FYI: If there is a topic you would like me to talk about or discuss, comment in the section below and I will tag you when I share it in my podcast.)

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Hey there sis! I am so glad you are here and I pray that these podcasts will draw you closer to God than ever before. Listen to the intro, then jump into Episode 1. 

Be specific in your prayers

Every believer's prayer life should be based on the Word of God, and a believer will not be able to withstand the enemy if he does not know how to pray according to biblical principles. We must be specific in our prayers. Listen for more.. 

Weekly Podcast Instagram Post-2.png
Weekly Podcast Instagram Post-2.png

Be positive in your thinking

We have to believe that we already have the answer to our prayer before we even get it! That’s faith… and that is positive thinking! Listen for more...

Meditate on God's Promises

When we meditate, we set our thoughts beyond our own minds comprehension and we consider God’s place in our lives. Listen for more...

Weekly Podcast Instagram Post-2.png
Weekly Podcast Instagram Post-2.png

Make every prayer a statement of faith & give thanks

Once a prayer is answered, many people stop giving thanks to the Lord for their answered prayer. Make our prayers a statement of faith. Listen for more... 

God has no limits

They're times in our life where we limit what God can do in and through us. But today let's be free from limiting God and put no limits on Him. Because with God there is no limits. Listen for more...

Weekly Podcast Instagram Post-2.png
Weekly Podcast Instagram Post-2.png

Girl, it's time to move that mountain!

Jesus really does mean for us to move mountains. He wants us to live in the bold joy of knowing that nothing will be impossible for us. Listen for more..

Consider it all joy!

James tells us to consider it all joy when we go through trials. Listen and let me share with you how I found joy in my darkest moments of my life. 

Weekly Podcast Instagram Post-2.png
Weekly Podcast Instagram Post-2.png

God can use anyone.

I use to think God couldn't use me because of my past, but as I drew closer to God and dug deeper into His word, I found out that God can use anyone...even you and me!!! Listen now!! 

Difficulties are Opportunities

Our natural tendency may be to avoid these things. But God wants us to glory in them. Let's talk about how our difficulties can become our opportunities! Listen Now!!!

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Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts. 

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