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What is Eternal Life?


John 3:16 is one of the most famous scripture known. It seems like it’s the first verse that most parents teach their children. Yet, it’s one of the most misunderstood scriptures in the Bible. When we read this verse we automatically think that Jesus came and died on the cross for our sins so that we can have everlasting life, and not perish. And as true as that is, the real message in this passage is that God wants to give us everlasting life, but sin was the barrier that stood between us and this everlasting life. Let’s dig deeper. What is everlasting life?

Let’s read John 17:3, “This is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ.” This verse is telling us that this everlasting life is “knowing the Father”, the only true God and knowing Jesus His sent Son. We need to understand that eternal life is not heaven, or the life hereafter as so many say. Although Heaven is the location we will live at forever. But it’s knowing and having an intimate relationship with God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Eternal life is knowing God personally. Not just the knowledge of Him, but a personal, intimate relationship with the Father and it begins by grace through faith in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Another thing, we cannot know the Father apart from the Son, because both are united as One with the Holy Spirit that was sent to us who makes God known to us. Jesus is the Word of God made flesh and He is the only one Who makes God known - through the power of His Holy Spirit. Without God there is no life, no eternal life. It’s God who is eternal, and in Him there is no time span. For He is the beginning and the end. Remember God is not bound by space or time. He is timeless. He is life eternal and He desires for you to know Him intimately and He is longing to give you eternal life. 


Lesson Questions: 

  • What kind of life did Jesus come to give us? 

  • What does eternal life according to this mean to you according to this verse? (John 17:3)

  • Is it clear that eternal/everlasting life is not a length of time but a quality and quantity of life? 


Scripture References: 

John 3:16

John 17:3

John 10:10

1 John 5:12

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